Robert Wyatt | VACK-1282 | Released: 06/06/10

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Having made available the landmark recordings of Robert Wyatt: Rock Bottom (1974), Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard (1975), Nothing Can Stop Us  (1981), Old Rottenhat (1985), Dondestan Revisited (1991 / 1998), Shleep (1997), EP's (1998), Cuckooland (2003), Robert Wyatt & friends, Theatre Royal Drury Lane 8th September 1974 (2005), Comicopera (2007) both individually and as a box set, Domino are to reissue His Greatest Misses.

Previously released only in Japan as a limited edition, the 17 track album is the perfect introduction to the music of Robert Wyatt.

As Robert says, “A thoughtful chap in Japan brought these tunes together as a sort of canter around my back catalogue: a reminder or introduction. I’m grateful to Domino for giving it a run round the block over here. And blimey! My little drawings were done about sixty years ago....how retrospective can you get?”

(p.s, Arauco [tiene una pena] lists indigenous cultures more or less extinguished by several centuries of european invaders  in what is now called Chile. Robert Y@.)


Image: his greatest misses packshot larger

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This CD comes in a limited edition deluxe rigid mini gatefold wallet

  • 01. P.L.A.
  • 02. Worship
  • 03. Heaps Of Sheeps
  • 04. Free Will And Testament
  • 05. I'm A Believer
  • 06. Sea Song
  • 07. Little Red Robin Hood Hit The Road
  • 08. Solar Flares
  • 09. At Last I Am Free
  • 10. Arauco
  • 11. The Age Of Self
  • 12. Alien
  • 13. Shipbuilding
  • 14. Memories Of You
  • 15. Muddy Mouse (b)
  • 16. Mister E
  • 17. Foreign Accents