Hood | REWIGLP85 | Released: 20/02/12

Image: Cold House

Domino is also releasing, Recollected a collection of the finest works of Hood. Recollected features their four Domino released studio albums Rustic Houses, Forlorn Valleys, The Cycle Of Days And Seasons, Cold House and Outside Closer, plus a compilation of the band’s Domino EPs as well as The Hood Tapes, a 24 song bonus collection of rare, previously unreleased recordings.

Hood formed in Leeds in December 1990 around the nucleus of brothers Richard and Christopher Adams. The band released 9 albums and 17 singles and are now on long term hiatus, whilst band members work on their own musical projects.

Across a quartet of albums for Domino the Yorkshire-based experimentalists traced an arc from sprawling post-rock to processed piano pieces to icy electronica referencing the likes of Talk Talk and Disco Inferno along the way, producing some of the most beguiling and special music of the late nineties and early noughties.

2 X LP

Image: Cold House

REWIGLP85 | Out now

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The 10th anniversary limited Edition Double LP of this seminal album. Which comes on 180 gram heavyweight vinyl cut at 45 especially for serious audiophiles

  • 01. They Removed All Trace That Anything Had Ever Happened Here
  • 02. You Show No Emotion at All
  • 03. Branches Bare
  • 04. Enemy of Time
  • 05. The Winter Hit Hard
  • 06. I Can't Find My Brittle Youth
  • 07. This Is What We Do to Sell Out(s)
  • 08. The River Curls Around the Town
  • 09. Lines Low to Frozen Ground
  • 10. You're Worth the Whole World