Eugene McGuinness | WIG246 | Released: 05/08/12

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Equally primal and playful, swaggering yet soulful, anthemic but sonically experimental, The Invitation To The Voyage, released on 6th August 2012, is the second full-length album from Eugene McGuinness and his most powerfully conceived and fully realised artistic statement to date.

Recorded with the dual assistance of  producers Clive Langer (Madness, Elvis Costello, Morrissey) and Dan Carey (MIA, Hot Chip, Santigold), The Invitation is an unabashedly bombastic, brave and above all, thoroughly contemporary update on a distinctly English strand of lyrical, gently fantastical pop songwriting that locates and celebrates the beautiful and the bizarre in modern life.

A genuinely powerful pop album, The Invitation To The Voyage confirms Eugene as one of the most stylistically distinctive and uniquely insightful writers of the present day.


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  • 01. Harlequinade
  • 02. Sugarplum
  • 03. Lion
  • 04. Videogame
  • 05. Shotgun
  • 06. Concrete Moon
  • 07. Thunderbolt
  • 08. Invitation To The Voyage
  • 09. Joshua
  • 10. Japanese cars

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