Orange Juice | REWIGLP51 | Released: 28/04/13

Image: Texas Fever

These vinyl editions represent the only existing physical versions of the album available at this juncture. Each have been re-mastered for vinyl, include the original lyrics sheets and printed inner sleeves (save Texas Fever which had none) and will come with free digital download card.

Plus recieve an Orange Juice Badge Set.


Image: Texas Fever

REWIGLP51 | Out now

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  • Side A
    01. Bridge
  • 02. Craziest Feeling
  • 03. Punch Drunk
  • Side B
    04. The Day I Went Down To Texas
  • 05. A Place In My Heart
  • 06. A Sad Lament

Image: Texas Fever

REWIGCD51 | Out now

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