Eugene McGuinness | WIG324 | Released: 06/07/14

Image: Chroma

"Chroma was recorded and produced by Dan Carey, who perfectly captured the spontaneity of Eugene working in the studio with arguably the best rhythm section in the UK, Tom and Leo from The Invisible. The songwriting remains entirely Eugene's own brand, but this time finding itself in it's most fun and cohesive work to date.


Image: Chroma

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  • 01. Godiva
  • 02. Amazing Grace
  • 03. Milkshake
  • 04. She Paints Houses
  • 05. Immortals
  • 06. The Crueler Kind
  • 07. Deception Of The Crush
  • 08. All In All
  • 09. Black Stang
  • 10. Heart Of Chrome
  • 11. Fairlight

Image: Chroma

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Image: shotgun
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