The Pastels | WIGMC323 | Released: 06/09/13

Image: Summer Rain

As part of the inaugural Cassette Store Day The Pastels compiled a unique C60 cassette of some of their favourite Pastels music, and it's called Summer Rain. Now it’s available for purchase on Dom Mart. Here's some words from the group...

'When we started our group all those years ago, cassettes, like fanzines, were an immediate, easier way into things for us, and many others. It was the perfect, accessible, outsider medium. We of course got lucky and Whaam!, Rough Trade and slightly later, Creation liked our music and wanted to release Pastels records. But how did they first hear us? On cassette of course.

For Cassette Store Day we've tried to be faithful to the artform by compiling a speedy mix / comp in the way that you would for someone you wanted to turn onto a group that you like. It's a Pastels comp, so Summer Rain is a C60 (with download card) of some of our favourite music we've made for Domino, starting around 1995 with Mobile Safari and ending with songs from the Slow Summits sessions. The artwork is by Annabel Wright.'


Image: Summer Rain

WIGMC323 | Out now

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  • Side A
    01. Illuminum Song
  • 02. Check My Instrumental
  • 03. Summer Rain
  • 04. Boats
  • 05. Wilderness Theme
  • 06. Everybody Is A Star
  • 07. Frozen Wave
  • 08. Mechanised
  • Side B
    09. Worlds Of Possibility
  • 10. Rough Riders
  • 11. On The Way
  • 12. Classic Lineup
  • 13. Yoga
  • 14. Flightpaths To Each Other
  • 15. Love, It's Getting Better
  • 16. Check My Heart