Quasi | WIG97 | Released: 05/06/07

Image: sword of god

After taking almost a year off to work with their other bands (Janet Weiss is Sleater-Kinney's drummer, Sam Coomes the bass player for Elliott Smith), Quasi set to work on their new, explosive album, The Sword of God. The distinctive boy/girl duo chose to play, record, and mix the songs themselves at their home studio in Portland, Oregon. The casual recording environment provided the two friends with great creative freedom, setting the stage for the most superlative Quasi album to date.


Image: sword of god

WIGCD97 | Out now

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  • Disc 1

  • Side A
    01. Introduction
  • 02. Fuck Hollywood
  • 03. It's raining
  • 04. Genetic science
  • 05. The sword of God
  • Side B
    01. A case of no way out
  • 02. The curse of having it all
  • 03. Seal the deal
  • 04. From a hole in the ground
  • Disc 2

  • Side C
    01. Little Lord Fontleroy
  • 02. Goblins & trolls
  • 03. Better luck next time
  • 04. Nothing, nowhere
  • 05. Rock and roll can never die