Malachai | DS023 | Released: 18/04/10

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There’s certainly no repetition on Ugly Side Of Love. They claim that “We’re two minute and out men.” That’s why some of it sounds like an ADHD kid flicking through the load of used dusty vinyl.  At other times, Malachai’s music sounds like the apocalypse itself. "Fading World" was written after watching a news report on Hurricane Katrina.  “I suppose I was taken aback by just how much at the mercy of the elements we are, but mostly at the plums who run things and where their priorities lay” says Gee.  

But as exciting as the record’s journey is, the road it travels on is built on solid foundations; the ability to weave seemingly incongruent influences into the most cohesive of sounds is no accident. This sound – ‘Malachai’s sound’ – is a reflection of many things. Of a complete emersion in hip-hop, 60s psych, dub and plenty of other musical forms. Years of crate-digging and creativity – before Bristol’s musical name meant something, while genres were being created, and after the dust settled – and perhaps most importantly, a need to just simply make music.

“It excites me to think where we’ll go musically” says Gee. “It’s not about cherry picking.  It’s more about how ‘it’ fits into us rather than how we fit into ‘it’.”


Image: ugly side of love packshot

DS023CD | Double Six | Out now

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  • 01. Warriors
  • 02. Shitkicker
  • 03. Snake Charmer
  • 04. Snowflake
  • 05. Blackbird
  • 06. Moonsurfin’
  • 07. Meechs’ Theme
  • 08. Only For You
  • 09. Lay Down Stay Down
  • 10. Another Sun
  • 11. How Long
  • 12. Fading World
  • 13. Simple Song

Image: ugly side of love packshot

DS023LP | Double Six | Out now

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