Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks | WIG327 | Released: 06/01/14

Image: Wig Out At Jagbags

In the words of Stephen Malkmus, ‘Wig Out At Jagbags’ is inspired by Cologne, Germany, Mark Von Schlegel, Rosemarie Trockel, Von Sparr and Jan Lankisch, Can and Gas; Stephen Malkums imagined Weezer/Chili Peppers, SIc Alps, UVA in the late 80's, NYRB, Aroma Charlottenburg, inactivity, Jamming, Indie guys trying to sound Memphis, Flipper, Pete Townsend, Pavement, The Joggers, The NBA and home life in the 2010's ... ‘


Image: Wig Out At Jagbags

WIGCD327 | Out now

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Comes with instant download of 'Lariat' and 'Cinnamon and Lesbians'

  • 01. Planetary Motion
  • 02. The Janitor Revealed
  • 03. Lariat
  • 04. Houston Hades
  • 05. Shibboleth
  • 06. J Smoov
  • 07. Rumble At The Rainbo
  • 08. Chartjunk
  • 09. Independence Street
  • 10. Scattegories
  • 11. Cinnamon & Lesbians
  • 12. Surreal Teenagers