Max Tundra | WIG168 | Released: 19/10/08

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To celebrate the release of Max Tundra's new album, Parallax Error Beheads You, your friends at Domino are revolutionising the music industry with the launch of a new kosher format on the 20th October.

Yes, buy a can of Max Tundra's limited edition Kosher Chicken Soup and you will receive a copy of his new album from our new Domino download store, plus an exclusive bonus download album of covers called Best Friends (a reinterpretation of Some Best Friend You Turned Out To Be by Max Tundra's friends).

So, how does this work? Well, in addition to a hearty, healthy meal for one, each soup can comes with a unique code and a link for you to download all the MP3s on the day of release.

All tracks on domino downloads are DRM free and delivered to the highest performance quality (320kbps)

We have 250 of these fine quality limited edition soupy products only available from our Mart, so get ‘em while they’re hot!

P.S There is free delivery for UK customers!

P.P.S The standard (non-soupy) version of the album can be ordered here.


Image: max soup tower

WIG168D | Out now

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  • Disc 1 - Parallax Error Beheads You

  • 01. Gum Chimes
  • 02. Will Get Fooled Again
  • 03. Which Song
  • 04. My Night Out
  • 05. Orphaned
  • 06. Nord Lead Three
  • 07. The Entertainment
  • 08. Number Our Days
  • 09. Glycaemic Index Blues
  • 10. Until We Die
  • Disc 2 - Best Friends

  • 11. Kavus Torabi - Here Comes The Musket Records (Cakes)
  • 12. Richard Larcombe - The Singing Doctor (Lamplight On A One Horse Shoe)
  • 13. Sarah Measures - Genclik Bandido (Ah, There's Deek Now - Let's Ask Him)
  • 14. Toirse O'Riordain - Clip Around The Ear (Lausanne)
  • 15. Jenny Darwin - Ken Ududis (Tuli, A Plain Ride From Canvas)
  • 16. Dan Chudley - Yarilo Kupala (Bill Sholem Quintette)
  • 17. Scott Pearsall - Joust (Ink Me)
  • 18. James Larcombe - Oakeshott (The Balaton)
  • 19. Bobak Torabi - Rawat Corner (Subsi Kuku)
  • 20. Laurie Osborne - Sick Swan, Sick Swan (6161)
  • 21. Matthew Carroll - Bruno Brookes (Carbon Cones)
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Listen to: Which Song
by Max Tundra
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Listen to: Merman
by Max Tundra
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Listen to: Fuerte
by Max Tundra
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Listen to: Acorns
by Max Tundra