Arch Garrison | DS021 | Released: 22/02/10

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There is a house by a river by a village by the foot of the South Wiltshire downs in which North Sea Radio Orchestra’s Craig and Sharron Fortnam live. A wheezing dog and a crackling fire were the backdrop to the creation of King of the Down, which was written, recorded and performed by Craig with additional vocals by Sharron, and features songs about the Mighty Thames, Roman Roads, ditches and mounds, vapour trails and mental un-health.

Fans of North Sea Radio Orchestra have come to expect beautiful melodies, quality arrangements and chord progressions that make your insides go funny. These elements are all in abundance in Arch Garrison but this is a much sparser sound, with Craig’s instantly recognisable nylon and steel string guitar playing combining with his trusty Philicorda organ, some synths and percussion providing the backdrop to his folk tales.

King of the Down is an album full of melodic, harmonic and lyrical invention that, along with his NSRO accomplishments and ongoing collaborations, shows Craig Fortnam to be one of the UK’s most original and distinctive talents.


Image: arch garrison packshot

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  • 01. King of the Down
  • 02. Here's to the End of the Road
  • 03. The Days Don't Feel The Same
  • 04. Stone on the Pound
  • 05. Thames Fluvius
  • 06. Roman Road
  • 07. King of the City
  • 08. The Reason Why
  • 09. Peek-a-boo
  • 10. The Vapour Trail
  • 11. The Puch