The Count and Sinden | WIG217 | Released: 21/08/10

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The much anticipated debut album from The Count & Sinden, Mega Mega Mega is a meeting of minds between two friends - both producers and DJs in their own right - collating their vast range of musical influences. This was an album The Count (aka Hervé) & Sinden simply had to make. 

Following the ethos of their huge club nights of the same name, The Count & Sinden reject the idea of enlisting A-list stars, and instead call in friends and fresh new talent. Indie mavericks (and the duo’s neighbours) Mystery Jets collaborate on highly addictive lead single "After Dark"; M.I.A protégée Baltimore-based Rye Rye lends her vocals to "Hardcore Girls"; rising UK star Katy B features on the ragga punk love story "Hold Me" and the unmistakable voice of grime king Bashy appears on "Addicted To You". The opening track, "Do You Really Want It", featuring the breathtaking rapping skills of Trackademicks, is a suitable call to arms – all twitching synths and alien throbs.

Every sound imaginable is fed into The Count & Sinden’s visceral mix - house, techno, dancehall, hip hop, electro, ragga, garage, afrobeat, booty bass, Latin funk, baile... The result is an authentically British album jam-packed full of anthems for a party loving generation; a record which is unapologetically honest, playful and hedonistic. This is a new chapter in the history of forward-thinking, electronic dance music, as written by The Count & Sinden. 


Image: Mega Mega Mega Packshot

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  • 01. Do You Really Want It - feat. Trackademicks
  • 02. After Dark - feat. Mystery Jets
  • 03. Desert Rhythm
  • 04. Hardcore Girls - feat. Rye Rye
  • 05. Roll Out - feat. 77 Klash
  • 06. Elephant 1234
  • 07. Hold Me - feat. Katy B
  • 08. Mega
  • 09. Addicted To You - feat. Bashy
  • 10. Panther
  • 11. Llamamé - feat. Coolio Iglesias
  • 12. You Make Me Feel So Good
2 X LP

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