Steve Mason | DS044 | Released: 24/07/11

Image: Ghosts Outside Packshot

A collaborative effort between Steve Mason and Dennis Bovell, Ghosts Outside was recorded in early 2011 at Livingston Studios in North London. Using the original tracks from Boys Outside as a basis, Dennis added additional instrumentation with Steve guidance; the tracks were given the classic ‘Bovell production’ treatment.

Dennis is a renowned and much respected artist / producer, central in the development of British reggae from the 1970s onwards. He gained renown with his own group, Matumbi and also worked with the likes of Linton Kwesi Johnson, I-Roy and Janet Kay. He also produced a wide diversity of bands including The Pop Group, Orange Juice and The Slits.


Image: Ghosts Outside Packshot

DS044LP | Double Six | Out now

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Image: Ghosts Outside Packshot

DS044CD | Double Six | Out now

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  • 01. Lost and Dub
  • 02. Dub Position
  • 03. Letter Dub
  • 04. Yesterday Dub
  • 05. Dub Come Down
  • 06. Dub Outside
  • 07. Dub On My Heel
  • 08. Dub I Just a Man
  • 09. Understand My Dub
  • 10. Dub Her In