Fránçois & the Atlas Mountains | REWIG86 | Released: 05/11/12

Image: Plaine Inondable

To record Plaine Inondable, François returned to the comforts of his hometown of Saintes in France, and recruited members of local friendsUnkle Jelly FishandBost Gehio(an all-female polyphonic vocal group from the Basques country) to be his ʻAtlas Mountainsʼ.
Plaine Inondable, (which translates as ‘Flood Plains’) refers to the townʼs winter landscape – where the Charente River often bursts its bank, completely covering the surrounding fields.
Plaine Inondablemarks a departure from the style of Françoisʼ previous releases which often featured casio-beats and lo-fi electronics. Here, piano chords swell, electric guitars gently shimmer, and Françoisʼ soft croon floats throughout – his bilingual songs melding the bitter-sweet yearning of Leonard Cohen with the melodic playfulness of Serge Gainsbourg and Françoise Hardy. The album also takes inspiration from recent compilations of African music recorded in the 1970ʼs (Ethiopiques, Mali 70) released by various European labels. The atmospheric rhythms and percussive elements, as well as some guitar parts and scales, absorb this influence, as François explains: ‘Be Water’ is built on an Ethiopian scale called Tezeta, the guitar


Image: Plaine Inondable

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  • 01. Friends
  • 02. Be Water
  • 03. Wonder
  • 04. Moitiee
  • 05. Remind
  • 06. Do You Do
  • 07. Otages
  • 08. Nights=Days
  • 09. Years Of Rain
  • 10. Pic-nic

Image: Plaine Inondable

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