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The history of Robert Wyatt’s music gained a new and wonderful chapter in 1997 with the release of Shleep, his first album since 1991. With contributions from guest musicians Brian Eno, Paul Weller, Phil Manzanera, Evan Parker, Annie Whitehead and others, Robert has created another classic album: inimitably Wyatt, but adding new colours and textures. A truly memorable work.

Shleep is as exuberating and immediate a record as Wyatt has ever recorded. Skipping along like the frustratingly evasive lambs he tries counting to encourage a good night’s sleep. Listening to Eno & Wyatt in unison on "Heaps of Shleeps" series of elongated "Oahhh. Oahh, Oahhs" may be as good as listening to music gets.

Bristling with an energy and self-confidence Shleep adds a radiant sunshine to Wyatt’s customary warmth. Clearly delighting in the process of collaborating in the studio again, it’s a remarkable testament to Wyatt’s muse that a record inspired by insomnia should produce such welcoming and restful lullabies. 


Image: schleep album packshot

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Image: schleep album packshot

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  • Disc 01

  • Side A
    01. Heaps Of Sheeps
  • 02. The Duchess
  • 03. Maryan
  • 04. Was A Friend
  • Side B
    01. Free Will And Testament
  • 02. September The Ninth
  • 03. Alien
  • Disc 02

  • Side C
    01. Out Of Season
  • 02. A Sunday In Madrid
  • 03. Blues In Bob Minor
  • 04. The Whole Point Of No Return
  • 05. Te Recuerdo Amanda
  • 06. Yolanda
  • Side D
    01. When Access Was A Noun
  • 02. Fridge
  • 03. Salt/Ivy
  • 04. Signed Curtain (Plus Cornet)
  • 05. September In The Rain
  • 06. I Wonder How Your Breath Can Last

Image: schleep album packshot

REWIGLP45X | Out now

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LP comes with CD version in full artwork slip case

  • 01. Heaps Of Sheeps
  • 02. The Duchess
  • 03. Maryan
  • 04. Was A Friend
  • 05. Free Will And Testament
  • 06. September The Ninth
  • 07. Alien
  • 08. Out Of Season
  • 09. A Sunday In Madrid
  • 10. Blues In Bob Minor
  • 11. The Whole Point Of No Return
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