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Quarantine The Past: The Best Of Pavement comes out on Domino on Monday the 8th of March 2010. This fully re-mastered 23-track compilation will be available on double LP, CD and digital album formats. The tracks span the entirety of Pavement's career from 1989 to 1999, from the scratchy and mysterious sounds of their early vinyl-only releases to the rich, multilayered warmth of their final recordings. Although the compilation does not include any unreleased material, it definitely goes deeper than the "hits."

Quarantine The Past lands in stores as Pavement embark on their first live appearances since the fall of 1999. Dates begin in New Zealand on March 1 and continue through Australia, UK and Europe over the spring and summer, with 4 dates at London’s Brixton Academy in May and the band curating and performing at All Tomorrow’s Parties.

We are holding a Guess The Track Listing Contest. The album contains 23 tracks, all previously released, and the first track is "Gold Soundz" (MP3 of remastered version below). Prizes will be awarded as follows:

FIRST PRIZE for the track listing closest to the actual track listing

SECOND PRIZE for the most imaginative track listing

FOUR RUNNERS-UP in either of the above two categories (4 runner-up prizes total)

First prize will be a pair of tickets, with flights and hotel rooms, to see Pavement at Central Park Summerstage on Tuesday, September 21, 2009. Plus a complete set of Pavement 12" vinyl.

Second prize will be having your track listing pressed up in a special limited-edition vinyl double LP for Record Store Day (April 17). You will receive 5 copies of your best of selection. Plus a complete set of Pavement 12" vinyl.

Runner-up prizes will be complete sets of Pavement 12" vinyl.

To participate, please click the below link and enter your choice of 23 tracks (remember, the first one is "Gold Soundz"): http://www.matadorrecords.com/matablog/2010/01/05/pavement-quarantine-the-past/.

Deadline for entries is 2 weeks from today: TUESDAY, JANUARY 19.

Entry is open to anyone worldwide, with the exceptions of those listed under the contest rules. Contest rules and restrictions are listed at the bottom of the song titles page.

Download the re-mastered MP3 of "Gold Soundz": http://www.dominorecordco.com/quarantinepavement/


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  • 01. Gold Soundz
  • 02. Frontwards
  • 03. Mellow Jazz Docent
  • 04. Stereo
  • 05. In The Mouth A Desert
  • 06. Two States
  • 07. Cut Your Hair
  • 08. Shady Lane / J vs. S
  • 09. Here
  • 10. Unfair
  • 11. Grounded
  • 12. Summer Babe (Winter Version)
  • 13. Range Life
  • 14. Date w/ IKEA
  • 15. Debris Slide
  • 16. Shoot The Singer (1 Sick Verse)
  • 17. Spit On A Stranger
  • 18. Heaven Is A Truck
  • 19. Trigger Cut / Wounded-Kite At :17
  • 20. Embassy Row
  • 21. Box Elder
  • 22. Unseen Power Of The Picket Fence
  • 23. Fight This Generation
2 X LP

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Plus, it comes with coupon inserted for you to download all tracks as MP3s or WAVs for free from the Domino digital store