Chief | WIG248 | Released: 19/09/10

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After the four members of Chief finished their stints at New York University in 2007 they returned home to the US west coast, their suitcases stuffed full of soaring melodies, shimmering guitars, lovelorn lyrics and heart-stopping harmonies.

Chief’s Evan Koga (vocals/guitar), brothers Danny and Michael Fujikawa (on vocals/ guitar and drums, respectively) and Mike Moonves (bass) evoke a grand sense of nostalgia with their heartfelt melancholy. Written and recorded in Los Angeles and produced by Grammy winner Emery Dobyns, Modern Rituals has sunshine seeping through every note.

But if California is emanating from every crevasse then the resulting sound is as universal and world wearied as it gets. The album is thematic in its tales of romantic disappointments, left lovers and floundering emotions and the band’s musical touchstones include the great denimed romantics: Love, The Beach Boys, Neil Young and The Band.


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WIGCD248 | Out now

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  • 01. The Minute I Saw It
  • 02. Nothing's Wrong
  • 03. Wait For You
  • 04. This Land
  • 05. Breaking Walls
  • 06. In The Valley
  • 07. Stealing
  • 08. You Tell Me
  • 09. Summer's Day
  • 10. Irish Song
  • 11. Night And Day

Image: modern rituals packshot

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