Royal Trux | WIG45 | Released: 07/10/12

Image: Accelerator

As Alexis Taylor from Hot Chip affirms, it is “a record that every home needs to have, and every body needs to quake to; every turntable needs to revolve a copy, and every laptop speaker needs to blare out its sonic joys.

A record that always sounded ahead of its time as much as an historically accurate walk down memory lane, Accelerator is a truly remarkable sounding record. Producer Neil Hegarty explains how its unique sound was created: "We played a record we liked through a spectrum analyzer and "captured" the EQ shape and then applied that to the finished track. For example "I'm Ready" ran through the Archie's "Sugar, Sugar" filter and so on."

But all of this production would be nothing without nine songs, each with pure exhilaration at its core; huge riffs, pounding drum tracks, choruses that everyone is compelled to sing along with, and even odes to Steven Seagal;  brains and brawn all in one package.