Dirty Projectors | WIG229 | Released: 26/09/10

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Brooklyn, NY based Dirty Projectors' 5th full-length album Bitte Orca was one of 2009's true standout albums, garnering best-of-the-year praise from the likes of the Guardian, New York Times, NPR, Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, and Magnet and many more.

David Longstreth formed Dirty Projectors in 2002 and the group now consists of Angel Deradoorian, Amber Coffman, Brian Mcomber and David as principal members. Dirty Projectors also introduced an expanded six member lineup with the addition of bassist Nat Baldwin and vocalist Haley Dekle for their recent live dates, and for a number of tracks on Bitte Orca.

The expanded edition of Bitte Orca features unreleased "Live at Other Music" acoustic tracks, hard to find b-sides and a cover of Bob Dylan's "As I went Out One Morning".

2 X CD

Image: Bitte Orca Packshot

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  • Disc 01

  • 01. Cannibal Resource
  • 02. Temecula Sunrise
  • 03. The Bride
  • 04. Stillness Is The Move
  • 05. Two Doves
  • 06. Useful Chamber
  • 07. No Intention
  • 08. Remade Horizon
  • 09. Fluorescent Half Dome
  • Disc 02

  • 01. Fluorescent Half Dome (Live at Other Music)
  • 02. Temecula Sunrise (Live at Other Music)
  • 03. Two Doves (Live at Other Music)
  • 04. Cannibal Resource (Live at Other Music)
  • 05. No Intention (Live at Other Music)
  • 06. Ascending Melody
  • 07. Emblem of the World
  • 08. Wave the Bloody Shirt
  • 09. Bitte Bitte Orca
  • 10. Stillness is the Move (Lucky Dragons Remix)
  • 11. As I Went Out One Morning