(Smog) | WIG158 | Released: 28/05/05

Image: a river ain't...signed stock

So Smog's dropped the parentheses which surrounded his name for the last three records, headed for the water, and come bobbing back up with an astounding new treasure chest of album. A River Ain't Too Much To Love was recorded at the legendary Pedernales Studio in Spicewood, Texas - home of many a fine Willie Nelson recording.

The album is stark, beautiful and features the richest vocal performance from Doc Smog yet - you can feel his voice, and the nylon-strung acoustic guitar, close and deep, right there with you as if he's singing just for you. Smog's got a set of laugh out loud/cry out loud tales to tell. He's got the impeccable drumming of Jim White to back him. And he's got an explicit 'fuck you' (well, "fuck all y'all") attitude to boot! He's tender too, don't fear... With piano and violin parts adding texture, and a guitar clutched to his neck, this is Smog's most accomplished collection of songs to date. These are not the songs of the lost wanderer, these are the songs of the determined migrator, following it's natural path.