Bonnie 'Prince' Billy | WIG24 | Released: 14/04/01

Image: Arise Therefore

It is in the spirit of celebration of an artistic life so remarkable that Domino is this year to re-issue six classic Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy recordings dated between 1996 and 2004. On July 30th, new, re-named editions of Palace Brothers release Arise Therefore (1996) and Joya (1997), the definitive Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy debut I See A Darkness (1999) and subsequent BPB albums Ease Down The Road (2001), Master And Everyone (2003) and Greatest Palace Music (2004) will be available under Oldham’s now stable Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy moniker.

Whether starkly primitive and intensely spare as Arise Therefore, rich with haunted grace like I See A Darkness or swinging with an almost straight-up country lushness on Greatest Palace Music, these albums represent a golden era for Bonny as a writer – his powerfully affecting, deeply human meditations on sex, death, isolation and longing achieving a rare universal understanding despite being rooted in a fiercely intimate system of belief.


Image: Arise Therefore

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Image: Arise Therefore

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  • 01. Stablemate
  • 02. A Sucker's Evening
  • 03. Arise Therefore
  • 04. You Have Cum (...)
  • 05. Kid Of Harith
  • 06. The Sun Highlights The Lack In Each
  • 07. No Gold Digger
  • 08. Disorder
  • 09. A Group Of Women
  • 10. Give Me Children
  • 11. The Weather Soldier