Elliott Smith | WIG51 | Released: 17/02/01

Image: Elliott Smith Either Or

This July see’s the 20th anniversary of the now seminal, sophomore album by Elliott Smith. The self-titled 10-track masterpiece went under the radar at the time of release, but has been retrospectively lauded by press and fans alike. Kicking off with; ‘Needle In The Hay’ – used in the Wes Anderson film ‘The Royal Tenenbaums’, this record is an extremely personal and intimate outing from the now legendary singer-songwriter.

The raw potential on display in Heatmiser (the group where Smith cut his musical teeth) and ‘Roman Candle’ (Smith’s debut solo record) reaches its full fruition on ‘Elliott Smith’. Baroque tinged melodies and dreamy chord progressions are the order of the day and we hear a very candid and emotionally charged Smith throughout.

To Celebrate this anniversary we are having a Elliott Smith Summer sale;

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Elliott Smith

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