V-Twin | WIG86 | Released: 01/01/00

Image: Free the twin

Experimental lo-fi rock with an emphasis on the rock by a band named after a motorcycle. Engines are revved along with guitars and driving drums of the tightest variety. This is a band that knows how to lay rubber on hot asphalt.


Image: Free the twin

WIGCD86 | Out now

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  • 01. Delinquency
  • 02. Derailed
  • 03. In The Land of the Pharoahs (dark tourism)
  • 04. Thank You Baby
  • 05. Sound as Ever
  • 06. Lunan
  • 07. Delinquency
  • 08. Delinquency (2)
  • 09. An Amonite for Bill
  • 10. In The Land of the Pharoahs
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Image: Free the twin
Listen to: Derailed
by V-Twin
Image: Free the twin
Listen to: Sound As Ever
by V-Twin
Image: The Blues is a Minefield
Listen to: Despot Blues
by V-Twin
Image: Delinquency
Listen to: Delinquency
by V-Twin
Image: Call a meeting
Listen to: Call A Meeting
by V-Twin

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