Archie Bronson Outfit | WIG143 | Released: 23/07/04

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Archie Bronson Outfit are one of the most unique and brilliantly out of step British bands in years. Originally hailing from the West Country, the boys relocated to South West London where they studied Art alongside future members of current contemporaries The Beatings and The Duke Spirit. Juggling their art school education with the grand task of refining their rock and roll vision,(much like fellow West Country girl Polly Harvey before them), Archie Bronson Outfit have arrived at their own markedly British rock cocktail - a taut, lean sound, as subtle as it is powerful. Keeping Captain Beefheart's productions in mind at all times - and with The Kills' very own Hotel at the mixing desk, bringing his own love for a compressed, tight sound, to the proceedings - Archie Bronson Outfit have arrived at their own unique sound, and fashioned a truly modern British psychedelic classic.


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WIGCD143 | Out now

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  • 01. Butterflies
  • 02. Islands
  • 03. Here He Comes
  • 04. Riders
  • 05. Bloodheat
  • 06. On The Shore
  • 07. The Wheel Rolls On
  • 08. Armour For A Broken Heart
  • 09. Kangaroo Heart
  • 10. Pompeii