Clinic | WIG78 | Released: 01/01/00

Image: internal wrangler

The long-awaited debut album from Liverpool's Clinic is here. Twisting and twining through paths that pass through seldom visited regions of dub and 60s garage, Internal Wrangler keep it arty and groovy in equal measures. Prepare for a new standard for pop to come.


Image: internal wrangler

WIGCD78 | Out now

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  • 01. Voodoo Wop
  • 02. Return Of Evil Bill
  • 03. Internal Wrangler
  • 04. Dj Shangri La
  • 05. Second Line
  • 06. C Q
  • 07. Tk
  • 08. Earth Angel
  • 09. Distortions
  • 10. Hippy Death Suite
  • 11. 2nd Foot Stomp
  • 12. 2/4
  • 13. Goodnight Georgie
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