Sons and Daughters | WIG145 | Released: 10/07/04

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When Love The Cup was released on tiny U.S indie Ba Da Ding! back in January, those lucky enough to hear it, including legendary U.S critic Greil Marcus, found themselves charmed and intrigued by this debut album from Scottish quartet Sons & Daughters. What appealed was the sheer intensity and potent mix of styles featured on Love The Cup's seven tracks. Drawing from Scottish And American folk, fused with an array of blues, funk, country, and rock'n'roll, Sons & Daughters create songs with a dark, spatial and brooding atmosphere. Whilst pounding rhythms, understated melodies and pulsing guitar lines form the framework, the interweaving vocals of Adele Bethel and Scott Paterson lend the songs a sense of drama and underlying menace.


Image: love the cup packshot

WIGCD145 | Out now

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  • 01. Fight
  • 02. Broken Bones
  • 03. Johnny Cash
  • 04. Blood
  • 05. Start To End
  • 06. La Lune
  • 07. Awkward Duet