Pajo | WIG159 | Released: 27/06/05

Image: pajo

Among the warm sonic hiss that gently floats across each measure, a residual sense of nostalgia and weighty sentiment rattle the bones of PAJO�s latest album, the self-titled PAJO. Born of recording sessions that creeped later into the night, it is an album that delivers a provocative whisper as thunderous thoughts swarm above. PAJO was assembled on inexpensive music software that was included on his laptop. From this simplicity � singing directly into the computer � comes a warmth that belies the digital construction. PAJO is a very human album, complete with its own history of trials and tribulations. Nearly discarded, it hums with a precious wisdom that entertains deep secrets upon each listen.


Image: pajo

WIGCD159 | Out now

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  • 01. Oh No No
  • 02. High Lonesome Moan
  • 03. Ten More Days
  • 04. Manson Twins
  • 05. War Is Dead
  • 06. Baby Please Come Home
  • 07. Icicles
  • 08. Mary of the Wild Moor
  • 09. Let Me Bleed
  • 10. Francie