Quickspace | WIG54 | Released: 01/01/00

Image: precious falling

This album has a bunch of songs that vary in so many interesting ways that it's bound to be a permanent fixture on your spin-o-matic phono device for many moons to come. The cover inside and out boasts beautifully intricate paintings of enormous trees, and these songs do hold the force and grace of ancient natural forces inside them. Put on "Quickspace Happy Song #2" and feel yourself being propelled by a primal force called pop ecstasy (hey, remember that?) down an autobahn of hallucino-distorto-joy in a drag racer souped up for light speeds and guitar overdrives. Follow that with "Hadid" and find out just how cool, eerie and mysterious sampling and turntable technique can be with a slanted imagination and a fuzzy bass.


Image: precious falling

WIGCD54 | Out now

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  • 01. Death + Annie
  • 02. Take Away
  • 03. Mouse
  • 04. Like That
  • 05. Quickspace Happy Song #2
  • 06. Hadid
  • 07. Melo
  • 08. Minors
  • 09. Coca Lola
  • 10. Obvious
  • 11. Walk Me Home
  • 12. The Mountain Waltz
  • 13. Goodbye Precious Mountain