Pram | WIG95 | Released: 15/07/01

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Features 3 brand new tracks alongside Mother of Pearl which first appeared on the acclaimed Museum of Imaginary Animals LP released last year, and also includes a collection of remixes and reworkings of Pram tunes by other artists. Those coming out for the party include Plone, Sam Jones of Movietone in his Balky Mule guise, Terry:Funken, Andy Votel and Sir Real of the Round Records and (K)rack-troni(k) labels.


Image: solomnlilioquy

WIGCD95 | Out now

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  • 01. Mother of Pearl
  • 02. The Way of the Mongoose
  • 03. Monkeypuzzle
  • 04. Clock Without Hands
  • 05. Bewitched (Plone Mix)
  • 06. Play of the Waves (Balky Mule Mix)
  • 07. Omnichord (Terry:Funken Mix)
  • 08. The Last Astronaut (Andy Votel Mix)
  • 09. A Million Bubbles Burst (Sir Real Mix)