(Smog) | WIG127 | Released: 06/04/03

Image: supper

Slipping and gliding, your hero has returned. (Smog) is back in the building. With him is his newest record. But he's not going to sing it for you, no. Instead he's going to play it for you. And so, with a press of a button - the new (Smog) album, Supper.

Supper will strike some of you as easy-listening (Smog) - which is simply proof that you (Smog) fans out there have hardened over the years. Sure, Supper features soft-steel guitars, female harmony vocals, fluttering guitars, a sentimental ode to 'Our Anniversary', and, more heart-warming things packaged into it's 43 plus minutes, but ... honestly ... it's still (Smog) isn't it? That means sharp observations, a steady stream of humorous spectres, discomfiting intimacy and other heart-warming things packed into nine melody-filled tunes.

So basically, get ready to get split in two again. (Smog) is back, and Supper is ready!