Sons and Daughters | WIG155 | Released: 06/06/05

Image: repulsion box

Sons And Daughters have returned with their first full-length album, The Repulsion Box, a similarly enthralling set of songs as 'Love The Cup' that further explores their unsettling addiction to murder ballads and celebrates the urgent, unpolished sound of a band who can nail a track in a single take. Whilst a dark undercurrent is integral to their songs, Sons And Daughters wrap their sinister lyrics round relentlessly catchy melodies. Forthcoming single Dance Me In, all pounding drums and nagging guitar riff; the upbeat stomp of Red Receiver and the 60's sound of Taste The Last Girl with it's na-na-na-na vocal. In contrast the album's centrepiece Rama Lama strips their sound down to the bare minimum to astonishing effect.


Image: repulsion box

WIGCD155 | Out now

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  • 01. Medicine
  • 02. Red Receiver
  • 03. Hunt
  • 04. Dance Me In
  • 05. Choked
  • 06. Taste The Last Girl
  • 07. Monsters
  • 08. Rama Lama
  • 09. Royally Used
  • 10. Gone

Image: repulsion box

WIGLP155 | Out now

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  • Side A
    01. Medicine
  • 02. Red Receiver
  • 03. Hunt
  • 04. Dance Me In
  • 05. Choked
  • Side B
    01. Taste The Last Girl
  • 02. Monsters
  • 03. Rama Lama
  • 04. Royally Used
  • 05. Gone
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