WIG179 | Released: 12/04/06

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In the autumn of 2003, Domino Records celebrated its tenth anniversary by releasing Worlds Of Possibility. This budget-priced two-disc compilation was one of those sampler sets, like Cherry Red's "Pillows & Prayers", SST's "The Blasting Concept" or Warp's "Artificial Intelligence", which seem to capture not just the spirit but the soul of a great independent label. The manner in which this bold declaration of faith in the future was to be rewarded would surpass the expectations (worlds of possibility indeed!) of the most deluded optimist. That one of the up and coming bands on that second disc - Glaswegian glam-disco tyros Franz Ferdinand would go on to sell upwards of five million albums around the world over the next two years was remarkable enough. That they would pave the way for the record-breaking exploits of a certain quartet of Sheffield teenagers (whose name we won't mention here, aware as we are of their terrible fear of the limelight) was more remarkable still. But the most remarkable thing of all was the way Domino Records responded to this dramatic and potentially fatal - upturn in its commercial fortunes. It did a revolutionary thing which independent labels have tried and failed to do in this situation ever since the first one climbed out of the primordial ooze onto the bottom rungs of the ladder of chart success. It didn't change a bit. It carried on releasing bold and innovative records by a wide range of artists. It carried on giving talented people the freedom to make exactly the kind of music they wanted to, and releasing it in stylish but environmentally uncontentious packages. And if you want to know what Domino have been up to while every other record company in Britain has been frantically flashing its cheque-book at any band which sounds a bit like those Arctic Monkeys (oops, sorry lads), well here's the perfect chance to find out.

Catch Us If You Can is a fourteen track selection box for your listening delectation. Some of it is current. Some of it is imminent. And some of it was just getting ready to settle in the memory, like the sediment in a delicious bottle of organic ginger-beer. 56 minutes and 29 seconds of upper-echelon envelope-pushing. If you like it all, you're Domino c-in-c Laurence Bell. If you don't like any of it, there's something seriously wrong with you. (Ben Thompson, March 2006)


Image: catch us if you can

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  • 01. Psapp - King Of You
  • 02. Adem - You And Moon
  • 03. Franz Ferdinand - L.Wells
  • 04. The Kills - Love Is A Deserter
  • 05. Archie Bronson Outfit - Dart For My Sweetheart
  • 06. Sons And Daughters - Taste The Last Girl
  • 07. Test Icicles - Circle Square Triangle
  • 08. Clearlake - It's Getting Light Outside
  • 09. Quasi - Peace And Love
  • 10. Tortoise And Bonnie Prince Billy - Daniel
  • 11. Four Tet - A Joy
  • 12. The Television Personalities - My Dark Places
  • 13. Junior Boys - Like A Child
  • 14. Juana Molina - La Verdad