Juana Molina | WIG146 | Released: 11/09/04

Image: TresCosas_mini

Like Segundo, Tres Cosas was written, recorded, played, produced and mixed entirely by Juana Molina, at home, with additional keyboards and vocals provided by Alejandro Franov. Equally as riveting as Segundo, Tres Cosas is arguably stronger, the songwriting more bold and realised. As the New York Times put it: ''Her strengths - guitar playing and plain-spoken, droney melodies - are in the foreground.

The songs have become prettier, with fewer keyboard distractions''. ''After two years of working on Segundo - a record based on songs with a lot of layers of sounds - I had the need to make a more simple record, only based on guitar and vocals,'' Juana explains. ''The fact I recorded less instruments and there are less arrangements makes the record sound more crystalline, transparent, brighter than Segundo. Harmony is defined with the guitar and vocals. I wanted to get back to the essential: a molecule of me.''


Image: Tres Cosas

WIGCD146 | Out now

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  • 01. No es tan cierto
  • 02. El cristal
  • 03. Salvese Quien Pueda
  • 04. Uh!
  • 05. Tres Cosas
  • 06. Yo Se Que
  • 07. Isabel
  • 08. Lamba corta
  • 09. Solo Su Voz
  • 10. Curame
  • 11. Filter taps
  • 12. El progresso
  • 13. Insensible