Telstar Ponies | GEOG8 | Released: 22/07/01

Image: Farewell, Farewell
All through Telstar Ponies - and certainly made most overt on Voices From The New Music, our last album - I've had a vision of traditional folk melodies married to epic ballroom jamming all chewed through some fucked-up studio technique. There's a point right in the middle of Fairport Convention's 'A Sailor's Life' (from 69's Unhalfbricking) which has always obsessed me, where the whole group just start to move OUT and the music suddenly seems both impossibly ancient and dazzlingly prescient. I felt that no one had really taken up that mantle, and I wanted to wrestle with it, to take all these eternal melodies and apocalyptic folk songs and charge them with eroticism and menace, with a brooding, mysterious, even supernatural element.