Dirty Projectors | 23/09/16

Image: Keep Your Name Press shot

Dirty Projectors, the beloved, decade-plus-long recording pursuit of producer, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist David Longstreth, has today released the first new music since 2012’s Swing Lo Magellan.

Stream ‘Keep Your Name’ HERE.

Download ‘Keep Your Name’ HERE.



Little Cub | 22/09/16

Image: LC Landscape

Introducing London band Little Cub, whose debut single ‘Loveless’ is streaming now and officially released on 11th November 2016. 

Little Cub are Dominic Gore, Duncan Tootill and Ady Acolatse.

Merging a wry, worldly and subversive form of self-effacing, diarist lyricism with sumptuously evocative electronic production, ‘Loveless’ announces  the arrival of a band at once deeply in tune with the greatest traditions of progressive, homespun British pop music and at odds with the increasingly vacuous pop culture they are born to.

Little Cub’s burgeoning reputation as one of the city’s finest new exponents of electronic pop has seen them sell out a four-night headline residency at Peckham’s Copeland Estate off the back of the release of their debut ‘Breathing Space’ EP.

‘Loveless’ showcases Little Cub at their direct best, harnessing Tootill’s astute production work – which has seen him work with the likes of George Fitzgerald, Lil Silva and more – to frontman Gore’s refreshingly self-reflexive, honest and occasionally uncomfortable poetics. Watch the video for ‘Loveless’, directed by visual artists Dexter Lander and Nick Pomeroy, now.

With a melody by Acolaste, the lyric of ‘Loveless’, was written by Gore about a relationship Acolatse was in at the time. "Did we really lose our hearts?” the soaring chorus ponders with an odd and infectious kind of triumphant melancholy.

"I was perceiving this relationship between two great people", Gore says, "but could see it was kind of becoming less than the sum of its parts. It was neither party's fault but it was clear that both were becoming colder through the very nature of being together. It's something I've perceived a lot, these situations where if it were merely a friend going through that pain then you'd automatically feel empathy but in a romantic setting those feelings in someone else gradually come to seem ridiculous or embarrassing or even grotesque.

It's about how every time you have a relationship like that it seems to remove a part of you. You can lose your heart a little. Of course this should be horribly sad, and in a way it is, but I also think it might be in a way necessary and so the song's not completely mourning that loss."

Listen to Loveless on Spotify HERE

Listen to Loveless on Apple Music HERE

‘Loveless’ will be released on 11th November as part of the ‘Loveless’ 12” including 3 reworked versions of the track. Pre-order the EP via Dom Mart.

Loveless 12” Tracklist:

Loveless (Single Version)

Loveless (Beatless Version)

Loveless (Late Night Edit)

Loveless (Dark Edit)

The band’s debut tracks, ‘Breathing Space’ – leading the tracks on its accompanying EP - and ‘Intent’, are available for free download now via their website and streaming now on Spotify and Apple Music.

Forthcoming Little Cub live dates:

Thurs 29th Sept Kamio (formerly Red Gallery), London w/ Boxed In

Tuesday 15th November Electrowerks, London (headlining show)

Little Cub Online

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify | Apple Music




Image: Shirley Collins - Lodestar artwork

Shirley Collins – legendary folk singer and one of England’s most respected song collectors –  has announced her return to recording after 38 years. The new album, Lodestar, will be released on November 4th, and with it, Shirley has created the unlikeliest release of the century so far. 

Lodestar is a collection of English, American and Cajun songs dating from the 16th Century to the 1950s, recorded at Shirley’s home in Lewes by Stephen Thrower and Ossian Brown of Cyclobe and produced and musically directed by Ian Kearey.

The first track to be shared from Lodestar is ‘Cruel Lincoln’. Shirley explains the history of the song: “This is an ancient ballad, found only rarely in England. The theory is that Cruel Lincoln was a mason who was not paid for the work he did for ‘the Lord of the Manor’ and so extracted a terrible revenge”. It also features bird song recorded at the back of Shirley’s cottage. 

Born in Hastings in 1935, Shirley was fascinated by folk songs as she was growing up, songs she heard on the radio or sung by her grandparents in Anderson shelters. She left home for London to immerse herself in the burgeoning folk scene; at a party held by Ewan MacColl she met Alan Lomax, and in 1959 she joined him in the USA on the renowned field trip ‘Southern Journey’, recording American folk songs and blues, a formative journey for her personally and professionally.

On her return to England, Shirley cemented her role at the forefront of the Folk Revival,  recording over a dozen albums including the influential Folk Roots, New Routes with avant-garde guitarist Davy Graham, and No Roses, from which The Albion Country Band was formed. However, in the 1980s, Shirley lost her singing voice – later diagnosed as a form of dysphonia - and withdrew from performing live. It was only in 2014, after coaxing from David Tibet (Current 93), that Shirley sang in public for the first time since 1982. 

Though Shirley Collins (MBE) has been absent from the music scene for many years, her impact has not diminished, the likes of Graham Coxon, Jonny Greenwood, Stewart Lee and Angel Olsen laud her and a documentary The Ballad of Shirley Collins is currently in progress. Additionally, she was given the ‘Good Tradition’ award at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards in 2008, elected President of the English Folk Dance & Song Society in the same year and was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Music from Sussex University this year. Shirley released her first memoir, America Over the Water, in 2004 and is currently working on her second book.

Now Shirley Collins has sung once more (with a mischievous delight in defeating expectation), the accepted canon of her great recordings will have to be comprehensively recalibrated, yet again.  

“Shirley is a time traveller, a conduit for essential human aches, one of the greatest artists who ever lived, and yet utterly humble” Stewart Lee

Lodestar will be available on limited edition deluxe vinyl with a 24 page 12” booklet featuring song notes by Shirley Collins and sleeve notes by Stewart Lee and a signed print (signed print is available exclusively via Dom Mart), limited edition deluxe CD with 28 page booklet and standard vinyl. For more details visit Dom Mart.

Listen to the album's first two songs, 'Cruel Lincoln' and 'Death and The Lady', below now.




Image: Magnetic Fields boxset

The Magnetic Fields is songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Stephin Merritt. His three-hour magnum opus 69 Love Songs is to be reissued on vinyl on October 7th through Domino Records. Comprised of 6 x 10” vinyl, the box set will include a full size 24-page colour booklet with liner notes by Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket) including an in-depth interview and a track-by-track with Merritt. The box set will be limited to 1000 copies.

69 Love Songs was released in 1999 and 17 years later, it is still a singular achievement - a bold undertaking by one of pop music’s most innovative and acclaimed songwriters. Originally conceived by Merritt to be a live musical revue of 100 songs, Merritt realised that 100 songs, even at 2 minutes each, would be far too long a show and decided upon the next meaningful number, 69. 69 songs about life, loss, hope and beauty.  69 songs about the pursuit of that ever elusive and patently undefinable holy grail, love.

Stephin Merritt wrote all 69 songs but enlisted the help of numerous friends to record the album including long-time collaborator Claudia Gonson, guitarist John Woo, cellist Sam Davol and Daniel Handler. 24 of the songs feature guest vocals from LD Beghtol, Dudley Klute, Shirley Simms and Gonson.

A career-defining work (as Merritt intended it to be), 69 Love Songs routinely ranks in Best Albums of All Times lists and has earned cult status. It is a celebration to the beauty, magic, humor, frustration, longing and tenderness of the human condition. 

Pre-order the 69 Love Songs box set here

Praise for 69 Love Songs:

“One of the most remarkable records ever made” The Sunday Times

“A major achievement” The Guardian

“The greatest songwriter of his generation” Time Out

“An undoubted genius” NME

“A masterwork. You’ll probably think these songs are about you” Spin

‘‘Ludicrously talented and unfeasibly prolific” The Independent

“5/5 ‘An imposing landmark” Uncut 


Volume 1

  1. Absolutely Cuckoo
  2. I Don't Believe In The Sun
  3. All My Little Words
  4. A Chicken With Its Head Cut Off
  5. Reno Dakota
  6. I Don't Want To Get Over You
  7. Come Back From San Francisco
  8. The Luckiest Guy On The Lower East Side
  9. Let's Pretend We're Bunny Rabbits
  10. The Cactus Where Your Heart Should Be
  11. I Think I Need A New Heart
  12. The Book Of Love
  13. Fido, Your Leash Is Too Long
  14. How Fucking Romantic
  15. The One You Really Love
  16. Punk Love
  17. Parades Go By
  18. Boa Constrictor
  19. A Pretty Girl Is Like...
  20. My Sentimental Melody
  21. Nothing Matters When We're Dancing
  22. Sweet-Lovin' Man
  23. The Things We Did And Didn't Do

Volume 2

  1. Roses
  2. Love Is Like Jazz
  3. When My Boy Walks Down The Street
  4. Time Enough For Rocking When We're Old
  5. Very Funny
  6. Grand Canyon
  7. No One Will Ever Love You
  8. If You Don't Cry
  9. You're My Only Home
  10. (Crazy For You But) Not That Crazy
  11. My Only Friend
  12. Promises Of Eternity
  13. World Love
  14. Washington
  15. Long-Forgotten Fairytale
  16. Kiss Me Like You Mean It
  17. Papa Was A Rodeo
  18. Epitaph For My Heart
  19. Asleep And Dreaming
  20. The Sun Goes Down And The World Goes Dancing
  21. The Way You Say Good-Night
  22. Abigail, Belle Of Kilronan
  23. I Shatter

Volume 3

  1. Underwear
  2. It’s A Crime
  3. Busby Berkeley Dreams
  4. I’m Sorry I Love You
  5. Acoustic Guitar
  6. The Death Of Ferdinand De Saussure
  7. Love In The Shadows
  8. Bitter Tears
  9. Wi’ Nae Wee Bairn Ye’ll Me Beget
  10. Yeah! Oh, Yeah!
  11. Experimental Music Love
  12. Meaningless
  13. Love Is Like a Bottle Of Gin
  14. Queen Of The Savages
  15. Blue You
  16. I Can’t Touch You Anymore
  17. Two Kinds of People
  18. How To Say Goodbye
  19. The Night You Can’t Remember
  20. For We Are The King Of The Boudoir
  21. Strange Eyes
  22. Xylophone Track
  23. Zebra


Porches | 22/08/16

Image: Photo credit Emmanuel Olunkwa

Aaron Maine’s Porches follows the release of this year’s acclaimed Pool with the Water EP – a special opportunity to experience the music that formed the melodic skeleton of Pool in its raw state, alongside a pair of previously unreleased songs ‘Black Dress’ and ‘Black Budweiser T-Shirt’. Recorded solo in his adopted home of New York City, the Water EP strips Maine’s work down to its core, opening the curtain on his musical metamorphosis from previous releases Slow Dance In The Cosmos and those of his alias, Ronald Paris, into the Porches of today.

Stream Water EP HERE

Coinciding with the release of Water, Porches has shared a video for previously unreleased song ‘Black Dress,’ one of the new tracks from the EP.  Watch the video HERE.

Maine on Water:

I spent the first year after releasing ‘Slow Dance In The Cosmos’ teaching myself how to record music. I ended up with a bunch of pretty realized demos for songs that ended up on ‘Pool’ during that process. It was a loose and explorative time for me. I wanted to release a select few of these “demos” because I always find the excitement captured by recording a song when you first write it to be almost impossible to recreate later down the line. I chose to rerecord all of the songs that were to be on ‘Pool’ because I felt like by the time I had a batch of songs that I felt would make an album, I had grown as a producer and wanted to give them another pass. Either way, it’s fun to listen back to these earlier versions of the songs and remember how they first existed.

Water is available digitally today, stream it HERE, and will be on sale as a limited edition cassette during Porches upcoming autumn tour dates. It can also be purchased online, in limited quantities, through Bandcamp and the Domino Mart.

Purchase Water: Dom Mart || Bandcamp || iTunes 

Porches commence new live dates with a US headline tour throughout September, supported by Japanese Breakfast and Rivergazer, before arriving in the UK and Europe for a run of dates which include a London headline date at Tufnell Park Dome on Monday 24th October as well as appearances at Pitchfork Paris and London Calling at the end of the month. 


Sat Sept 03 || Philadelphia, PA|| Made in America Festival – Fairmount Park

Sun Sept 04 || Washington, DC || Rock and Roll Hotel *

Mon Sept 05 || Richmond, VA ||Strange Matter *

Tue Sept 06 || Durham, NC || The Pinkhook *

Wed Sept 07 || Atlanta, GA || Masquerade – Purgatory Room *

Sat Sept 10 || Houston, TX || Walter’s *

Sun Sept 11 || Austin, TX || Barracuda *

Tue Sept 13 || Phoenix, AZ || Rebel *

Thu Sept 15 || San Diego, CA || Irenic *

Fri Sept 16 || Los Angeles, CA || Echoplex *

Sat Sept 17 || Berkeley, CA || UC Berkeley *

Sun Sept 18 || San Francisco, CA || The Independent *

Tue Sept 20 || Portland, OR || Analog Theater *

Wed Sept 21 || Olympia, WA || Obsidian *

Thu Sept 22 || Seattle, WA || Crocodile *

Sat Sept 24 || Salt Lake City, UT || Kilby Court *

Mon Sept 26 || Denver, CO || Larimer Lounge *

Tue Sept 27 || Omaha, NE || Milk Run *

Wed Sept 28 || Minneapolis, MN || 7th St Entry *

Thu Sept 29 || Madison, WI || High Noon *

Fri Sept 30 || Chicago, IL || Subterranean *

Sat Oct 01 || Detroit, MI || El Club *

Sun Oct 02 || Toronto, ON || Horseshoe Tavern *

Mon Oct 03 || Montreal, QC || Bar Le Ritz *

Tues Oct 04 || Burlington, VT || ArtsRiot *

Wed Oct 05 || Boston, MA || The Sinclair *

Tue Oct 18 || Brighton, ENG || Sticky Mike’s

Wed Oct 19 || Leeds, ENG || Brudenell Social Club

Thu Oct 20 || Dublin, IRL || Whelans

Fri Oct 21 || Glasgow, SCT || The Hug & Pint

Mon Oct 24 || London, ENG || The Dome

Tue Oct 25 || Lille, FR || La Péniche

Wed Oct 26 || Reims, FR || La Cartonnerie

Thu Oct 27 || Eindhoven, NL || Dutch Design Week @ Strommhuis

Fri Oct 28 || Paris, FR || Pitchfork Festival

Sat Oct 29 || Amsterdam, NL || London Calling @ Paradiso

* w/ Japanese Breakfast, Rivergazer




01 Mood (Water Version)

02 Pool (Water Version)

03 Glow (Water Version)

04 Car (Water Version)

05 Shaver (Water Version)

06 Security (Water Version)

07 Black Dress

08 Black Budweiser T-Shirt



Wild Beasts | 05/08/16

Image: Get My Bang hi-res packshot

Domino are pleased to share news of a summer sampler; named after the first single from Wild Beasts new album, Get My Bang! showcases the sharpest cuts from Domino’s 2016 releases. 

Alongside the likes of Blood Orange – at his most personal and political on the recent Freetown Sound, The Kills – still simmering with tension on their fifth record, Baltimore’s finest Animal Collective, the beloved King Creosote and of course, Wild Beasts, there is also a slew of newer artists from the Domino stable to delve into including Kansas-based Taryn Miller aka Your Friend, Sam Coomes (The Quasi man’s first solo album), NYC’s Porches, and the shadowy, psychedelic adventurers Higher Authorities.

Get My Bang! is available free with every order placed at Domino Mart and there’s a 20% discount available across the catalogue (excluding pre-orders until September 1st).  Plenty of bang for your buck!

Shop here:

Full tracklisting:

1.       Wild Beasts – Get My Bang

2.       Blood Orange – Best To You

3.       Motion Graphics – Lense

4.       Sam Coomes – Stride On

5.       The Kills – Doing It To Death

6.       Bob Moses – Before I Fall

7.       Porches – Hour

8.       Night Moves – Carl Sagan

9.       King Creosote – You Just Want

10.   Higher Authorities - … And Why Not

11.   Your Friend – Come Back From It

12.   White Lung – Below

13.   The Range – Florida

14.   Animal Collective – FloriDada

15.   Yorkston Thorne Khan – Little Black Buzzer

16.   Villagers – That Day (live version)



The Range | 04/08/16

Image: Superimpose still

Superimpose, the documentary exploring the voices on The Range’s 2016 album Potential, is out today. You can watch the documentary via the Pitchfork TV YouTube, or via The Scene, the Conde Nast video hub.

Alongside the documentary release, The Range has today released Superimpose (Music From The Documentary) EP. It is available to stream or buy now via all good digital retailers.

Watch Superimpose here

Stream the Superimpose EP here

Download the Superimpose EP here 

The Range is performing today as part of THUMP’s live-streamed DJ set series Sunsets. Tune in via THUMP Facebook Live HERE at 5:30pm ET today to watch The Range debut tracks from the Superimpose EP. 

The Range will be appearing on SiriusXMU tomorrow (Friday) night, hosting an hour-long Complete Control show. He’ll be playing songs off the EP, and will have some surprises in store for fans who tune in. The guest host set airs at 7pm ET and again at 11pm ET.

Additionally, The Range’s ‘Midnight In A Perfect World’ mix for KEXP airs tomorrow, Friday August 5th at midnight PT / Saturday 3am ET.  

SUPERIMPOSE screenings + events

Thurs Aug 4 || Brooklyn, NY || THUMP Sunsets Live-stream (DJ set, with thanks to Serato) || via THUMP YouTube or Facebook

Thurs Aug 4 || New York, NY || Ludlow House (Screening + Q&A + Live Set)|| Private Event

Fri Aug 26 || Berlin, Germany || YouTube Space, Berlin || (Screening + Q&A + DJ Set)

SUPERIMPOSE explores the making of The Range's new album Potential, which exclusively uses the voices of people who posted videos of themselves on YouTube. The documentary sheds light on the unique and varied human stories of the people featured on the album who were completely unknown to The Range (Brooklyn-based electronic producer James Hinton) when originally selected. The documentary travels to off-the-beaten-path neighborhoods of New York City, NY; Kingston, Jamaica and London, England to tell the stories of a wide range of unique people - from Kai, the shy Brooklyn teenager who loves singing Ariana Grande covers; to Damian “Naturaliss” Gordon, the charismatic Jamaican correctional officer by day, dancehall singer by night; to Ophqi, the determined Brixton rapper and dutiful father with a difficult past who is still waiting for his moment to succeed as a musician; and more. Directed by the gifted young filmmaker Daniel Kaufman whose resume includes short films and music videos for DJ Khaled, Waka Flocka Flame, OT Genasis, The Decemberists, and more.

SUPERIMPOSE is soundtracked by music from the Range’s critically acclaimed 2016 album Potential as well as unreleased new material made specifically for the documentary. A seven song EP - Superimpose (Music From the Documentary) EP - featuring new material from the documentary and a reworked version of Potential album standout ‘Superimpose’ is being released digitally to coincide with the documentary release.

The Range live dates

Fri Aug 12 || Way Out West Festival || Gothenburg, Sweden

Sat Aug 20 || Lowlands Festival || Biddinghuizen, Netherlands

Sat Aug 27 || Reading Festival || Reading, UK

Sun Aug 28 || Leeds Festival || Wetherby, UK

Thurs Sept 22 – Mon Sept 26 || Symbiosis Gathering || Oakdale, CA

Fri Oct 21 || House Of Blues || Boston, MA *

Sat Oct 22 || Hammerstein Ballroom || New York, NY *

Mon Oct 24 || The Fillmore || Philadelphia, PA *

Tues Oct 25 || 9:30 Club || Washington, DC *

Wed Oct 26 || 9:30 Club || Washington, DC *

Fri Oct 28 || The Ritz || Raleigh, NC *

Sat Oct 29 || The Fillmore || Charlotte, NC *

Sun Oct 30 || The Mill & Mine || Knoxville, TN *

Mon Oct 31 || Marathon Music Works || Nashville, TN *

Wed Nov 2 || Buckhead Theater || Atlanta, GA *

Thurs Nov 3 || Joy Theater || New Orleans, LA *

Sat Nov 5 || Bomb Factory || Dallas, TX *

Fri Nov 4 – Sun Nov 6 || Sound On Sound Festival || Bastrop, TX

* = with Phantogram




Image: Photo credit Clare Muller

On turning 60, legendary producer Clive Langer decided it was time to get a band together.

Previous to that moment, Clive’s CV read like a route map of the last four decades of the very best British music. As a member of legendary rock’n’roll misfits Deaf School, Langer had helped influence a generation of kids who’d go on to form bands as diverse as Madness and Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Later on - with studio partner Alan Winstanley – he helped steer everything from One Step Beyond to Kilimanjaro; Too-Rye-Ay to Shipbuilding (a co-write with Elvis Costello) with stop offs for the Attractions, the Commotions, Morrissey, Roddy Frame and even the Dame himself (Bowie’s timeless classic Absolute Beginners). But something about that significant age set him on a different path.

Formed two years ago, The Clang Group are that band. Their first LP is called Practice.  It comes out on Domino on Friday the 30th of September.

Recorded at Iguana Studio in Brixton with musician mates and long time cohorts (including Suggs and Roxy Music’s Andy Mackay), Practice is jagged, melodious, ingenious, impulsive and exhilarating. Usually all the same time. Driven by a frantic and restless energy, it’s exactly the kind of record you’d hope someone would make if they woke up aged 60 thinking, “Fuck it, I’m going to start a rock’n’roll band.” Yes, that good.                                                

Tracklisting: Concertina / Acre Lane / Amsterdam / I’m Sorry / Bike / Had A Nice Night / Heaven Calls Another Name / Picture Postcard Paradise / Knock Me Off / Out Of Time

Practice will be available on CD (WIGCD372), Vinyl (WIGLP372) and Digitally (WIG372D). Vinyl and digital versions come with a digital bonus  EP featuring Rhoda / Places & Things / Breaking Out / Shipbuilding. You can buy the album on iTunes or via Dom Mart – special limited edition signed vinyl with a physical bonus 12” is also available exclusively via Dom Mart.   The video for first single ‘Acre Lane’ was directed by Edwin Burdis in a secret location in East London – watch it HERE.  You can stream the track HERE.  

Pre-order Practice on signed 12" vinyl via Domino Mart HERE

Pre-order Practice on standard 12" vinyl via Domino Mart HERE

Pre-order Practice on digital download HERE

The Clang Group will play live in support of the album this autumn. 



Wild Beasts | 29/07/16

Image: Wild Beasts_HeaderNL.jpg

Having shared its latest cut ‘Tough Guy’ earlier this week, Wild Beasts are streaming their acclaimed fifth album, Boy King, in full now. Featuring the singles ‘Get My Bang’ and ‘Big Cat’, listen to Boy King via Apple Music now HERE.

Listen to Wild Beasts ‘Reincarnations’ playlist HERE

Watch the visualizer for Tough Guy HERE

Watch the official video for Get My Bang HERE

Watch the official video for Big Cat HERE

Boy King will be released on heavyweight 12” vinyl including album download card, with a deluxe edition including a bonus 7” of two bonus songs available via the Wild Beasts online store. The album will also be released on standard and deluxe CD formats, with the deluxe edition including a 12-page booklet, as well as digital download. 

All deluxe editions include bonus material, Boy King Trash.

Pre-order the deluxe 12” of Boy King via Wild Beasts’ online store HERE

Pre-order the standard 12” of Boy King via Domino Mart HERE

Pre-order the deluxe CD of Boy King via Domino Mart HERE

Pre-order the standard CD of Boy King via Domino Mart HERE

Forthcoming Wild Beasts live dates are as follows with UK dates highlighted bold. All tickets are on sale now via the band’s website HERE.

Fri 29 Jul 2016 UK, Brighton Hove Old Market

Fri 05 Aug 2016 UK, London Rough Trade East [IN STORE PERFORMANCE]

Wed 10 Aug 2016 USA, New York City Baby’s All Right

Thu 18 Aug 2016 UK, Green Man Festival

Thu 25 Aug 2016 UK, London Banquet Records [IN STORE PERFORMANCE]

Fri 26 Aug 2016 UK, UK Electric Fields

Sat 27 Aug 2016 Finland, Helsinki Modern Sky Festival

Fri 02 Sep 2016 Netherlands, Into The Great Wide Open

Sun 04 Sep 2016 Ireland Electric Picnic

Sat 24 Sep 2016 Germany, Reeperbahn Festival

Wed 28 Sep 2016 UK, Bristol Motion

Thu 29 Sep 2016 UK, Oxford O2 Academy Oxford

Fri 30 Sep 2016 UK, Margate By The Sea Festival

Sat 01 Oct 2016 UK, Sheffield The Foundry

Mon 03 Oct 2016 UK, Cambridge The Junction

Tue 04 Oct 2016 UK, London The Roundhouse

Fri 07 Oct 2016 UK, Newcastle Northumbria Uni

Sat 08 Oct 2016 UK, Glasgow QMU

Sun 09 Oct 2016 UK, Manchester Academy

Wed 12 Oct 2016 Belgium, Brussels Botanique Orangerie

Thu 13 Oct 2016 France, Paris La Gaîté Lyrique

Fri 14 Oct 2016 France, Tourcoing Le Grand Mix

Sat 15 Oct 2016 France, Strasbourg La Laiterie

Sun 16 Oct 2016 Germany, Cologne Luxor

Tue 18 Oct 2016 Denmark, Copenhagen Pumpehuset

Thu 20 Oct 2016 Germany, Berlin Kesselhaus

Fri 21 Oct 2016 Czech Republic, Prague Lucerna Music Bar

Sun 23 Oct 2016 Switzerland, Zurich, Rote Fabrik

Tue 25 Oct 2016 Italy, Milan, Magnolia

Wed 26 Oct 2016 France, Lyon Epicerie Moderne

Sat 29 Oct 2016 Spain, Bilbao BIME



Sam Coomes | 21/07/16

Image: Sam Coomes press shot

Ahead of the release of Sam Coomes’ first ever solo album Bugger Me – due August 19th on Domino Records - he is pleased to share another cut from the record.  

Listen to ‘Fordana’ below, a heartfelt song that only Coomes could make with its glitchy and melancholic organ stabs. 

Coomes is probably best known as half of the long running underground pop duo Quasi, the other half being Janet Weiss, herself better known as the drummer for Sleater-Kinney. Alongside bandmate Janet Weiss, Quasi have released nine albums over the last two decades and toured all over the world. Concurrently, Sam Coomes has played and recorded with the likes of Built to Spill, Elliott Smith and Jandek, worked as a producer and scored numerous soundtracks for underground films and art installations. In short, he is not a newcomer to the scene.

Coomes previously shared ‘Stride On’. Listen here

Bugger Me in Coomes’ own words is Suicide meets The Beach Boys. Not the sophisticated ‘Pet Sounds’ Beach Boys, but more like ‘Surfer Girl’ stuff. More conscious reference points were Chris Montez or Timmy Thomas.” He wanted to make “entertainment music, but entertainment music meant for those not served by more mainstream entertainment music.  Maybe one might want to take a break from Sheer Hellish Miasma & enjoy some simple tunes that maybe speak to the same sense of the absurd, that likewise reject commercialism & market-based aesthetics, & even now & again pay a little homage to the raw synthesizer noise we have grown to love & even crave. Maybe timeworn themes such as love & war still resonate in the dusty backrooms of your mind (indeed maybe they are the only themes which do so).” 

Accompanied only by his organ and ‘Conny’ – a mid-‘60s rhythm box (non-programmable, “not even really a drum machine”), Coomes made a conscious choice to pare things back. He explains: “In a time where anyone with a computer & enough time on their hands can micro-manage a given piece of music to the nth degree; can process, arrange, edit & otherwise wheedle a song into a state-of-the-art showcase of outclevering the next guy… maybe allowing a song to exist at its most basic level is a means to not only subvert market-based (or, almost equivalently, technology-based) standards of production, but also a means to keep the music & the performance of the music honest.  This is assuming of course that honesty is a good thing, or at least is considered a good thing by those unmoved by mainstream entertainment music, which often reeks of dishonesty.  Whether this is a safe assumption, who knows?  Actually, I’m suspicious of people proclaiming their own honesty – so forget it.  Certainly, its artifice.  But the intent is honest artifice – like the original King Kong, as opposed to the remakes.  If King Kong for you means Willis O’Brien rather than Dino De Laurentis or Peter Jackson, then you probably have an idea of what I’m driving at.”

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Image: Hot Chip - Night and Day
Listen to: Night And Day
by Hot Chip
Image: The Magnetic Fields - Love at the Bottom of the Sea
Listen to: Quick!
by The Magnetic Fields
Image: Sweetness In Her Spark
Listen to: Do Your Thing
by Lightships
Image: Patrick Watson Album Packshot
Listen to: Into Giants
by Patrick Watson

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