Dan Deacon | 04/11/11

Image: Dan Deacon Press shot (Website Front)

Domino is pleased to announce the world-wide signing of Dan Deacon to the label. Deacon is currently working on his debut release for Domino, a full-length album due sometime in 2012.

Dan Deacon has spent the past year performing in more non-traditional settings and arrangements, often collaborating with pals So Percussion and other musicians.  He was also invited by Francis Ford Coppola to score his latest film, Twixt. This year also saw the re-release of Deacon's entire catalogue by Carpark Records.

Dan will be touring North America, Australia, Japan, Korea and New Zealand between now and Feb. 2012, with a mixture of solo shows and shows with the Dan Deacon Ensemble, with UK and Europe shows TBA for next year.

Dan Deacon Ensemble currently consists of: Denny Bowen, drums (Double Dagger) Dave Jacober, drums/mallets (Dope Body) Chester Gwazda, synths/computers (Nuclear Power Pants) Jordan Casey, synths (Zomes).