Cass McCombs | 07/10/11

Image: Casswitsend

“Robin Egg Blue” will be released as the first single from Cass McCombs’ forthcoming album, Humor Risk and will be available digitally from 21st November. Listen to “Robin Egg Blue” (Gun Drum mix) below:

Cass McCombs - Robin Egg Blue (Gun Drum Mix) by DominoRecordCo

November 7th sees the release of Cass McCombs’ Humor Risk, his second album of 2011, following WIT’S END (out this past April). Further proving what an incredibly versatile and prolific songwriter McCombs is, Humor Risk is more rhythm-based, and with a heavier lyricism, than its sparse predecessor. Both were compiled from recordings made over the course of three years, in various places such as New York City, New Jersey, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles and mixed in a single session and divided into albums.

In contrast to his private persona, McCombs’ music is generous, the melodies always infectious, the production and musicianship first-rate. And at the forefront of his craft is always the lyrics, which more than any songwriter today propels the avant-garde. Evident in Humor Risk’s “The Same Thing,” McCombs presents morally ambiguous situations for the listener, allowing them to interpret however they choose. He now gives another glimpse into this new album with the bonus track, “Robin Egg Blue” (Gun Drum Mix).
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