Sebadoh | 08/05/08

Image: Seadoh fan 'Too Pure' tattoo

Tonight at the Koko in north London, the original line up of Lou Barlow, Eric Gaffney and Jason Loewenstein will be performing their schizophrenic low fi opus 'Bubble and Scrape' in its entirety. Oh yeah man, we are gonna smoke that place a new hole!

What we mean to say is that Sebadoh, and 'Bubble and Scrape' in particular, means a hell of a lot to us here at Domino for a number of reasons but 'Soul and Fire' was the first ever single released from Domino Recording Company way back in 1993 and more than most bands; Sebadoh inspire the kind of personal devotion that can be a rare thing nowadays, that compels some fans to...say, have a tattoo of all the lyrics to the Lou Barlow penned 'Too Pure' - from (self) 'Harmacy' on their arm for example. Respect to you sir (if not a little shock and awe as well).

The 15th Anniversary deluxe reissue of 'Bubble and Scrape' is available now from our Mart including new liner notes by the original members and 10 previously unreleased handpicked tracks.