Bonnie 'Prince' Billy | 10/02/12

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In today's musical world, it is rare that an artist has the problem of having "too much music." But then Will Oldham is no typical artist. Instead of cutting one of the two B-Sides chosen to back his latest single, "Time to be Clear", he has instead removed the single itself from the 7", electing instead to release a double B-Side.

Confused yet? Luckily the (brilliant) single itself is included with the digital release, as well as on last year's killer full-length Wolfroy Goes to Town.

But what about the new release? Carefully titled The B-Sides for "Time to be Clear", it starts with a familiar weary tone and limping gaitlessness with "Whipped". However, the song quickly ascends heavenwards, helped by nakedly emotional vocals unparalleled by anything else on Wolfroy. The comfy bob-and-strut of 21st century honky-tonk gives "Out of Mind" a sweet jukebox feeling, again creating a safe place for naked expression to occur in short order. While rooted in the same dark earth as last year's LP, these are two tracks that deserve to be heard and can be seen as career highlights, even in such a well-stocked discography as Oldham's.

These songs were recorded with the suddenly-ubiquitous Bonnie 'Prince' Billy crew of Ben Boye, Van Campbell, Emmett Kelly, Danny Kiely and Angel Olson. Both sides were produced by David Ferguson. David and Will go all the way back to the recording session ten years gone when Bonnie was summoned to aid The Man In Black's attempts to record a cover of his own "I See a Darkness". David was Cash's main engineer then and his presence there was a calming and centering one to Will. The sweet and natural feel of the recordings they have made over the last couple years is a testament to their bond. The cover drawing was supplied by the great American artist, publisher and aesthete, Sammy Harkham.

The B-Sides for "Time to be Clear" will be available on 7" and digitally on the 27th of February. You can pre-order the single here.


7" Single

1. Whipped

2. Out Of Mind

Digital Download

1. Time to be Clear

2. Whipped

3. Out Of Mind