Malachai | 11/02/11

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Malachai have dropped a pretty epic mixtape titled Herbal Elixir, and in keeping with it’s name, it’s a heady brew of tracks that seems to exemplify Malachai’s eclectic tastes perfectly. Featuring some of Scott and Gee’s favourite tracks by the likes of Erykah Badu, ESG, Diplo, and The Beatles to name a few, interspersed with some original Malachai cuts, the guys had this to say about their creation:

"...it's nice to be able to have the freedom to play you a few things we really like, especially in these days of 'placement' (says us sticking as much of our own stuff as our PRS cheques can eat). Anyway, there's a good mixed bag for you, giving you not only an idea of what we play out at a 'Malachai Sound' DJ set but also where our heads are at musically and in some cases what fuels our own material. Hope you likey..."

The tracklisting is as follows:

Herbal Elixir Mixtape

01 - Malachai - “Intro”
02 - Broadcast And The Focus Group - “The Be Colony”
03 - David Shire - “The Taking Of Pelham 123”
04 - Soreng Sant - “Iron Man”
05 - Malachai - “Mid Antartica (Wearin’ Sandals)”
06 - Erykah Badu - “The Healer”
07 - J Dilla - “Workin On It”
08 - Beach Boys/Bullion - “I Wasn’t Made For These Times”
09 - Bullion - “Say Goodbye To What”
10 - Quakers - “Jobless”
11 - Gonjasufi - “She’s Gone”
12 - Fever Tree - “San Fran Girls”
13 - Malachai - “Snowlake” (Geoff Barrow Remix)
14 - Gary Newman - “Films”
15 - Anika - “Yang Yang”
16 - Yamasuki - “Yama Yama”
17 – Wu/Beatles - “Daytona 500”
18 - Malachai - “Anne”
19 - The Beatles - “Hey Bulldog”
20 - July - “To Be Free”
21 - Edan - “Science Of The 2 Inst”
22 - Malachai - “Monster”
23 - Malachai - “Let Em Fall”
24 - Dj Format - “Here Comes The Dope Pusher”
25 - The Velvet Underground - “I’m Waiting For My Man”
26 - Marie Laforet - “Et Ja Taime”
27 - The Troggs - “I Can Give You Everything”
28 - Malachai - “Shitkicker”
29 - Malachai - “(My) Ambulance
30 - The Beatles “Tomorrow Never Knows” Leftside Wobble Edit
31 - Diplo “Blow Your Head”
32 - Esg “Dance”
33 - Pigbag “Pappas Got A Brand New Pig Bag”
34 - Sclattchofbronx “Farthing Remix”
35 - Simon And Garfunkul “Bookends”
36 - The Specials “Ghost Town” Dj G Bootleg
37 - Malachai “Hybernation”
38 - The Turtles “You Showed Me”
39 - Rare Earth “I Know I’m Loosing You”
40 - Dorothy Ashby “Soul Vibration”
41 - The Zombies “Time Of The Season”

Malachai's Herbal Elixir by MalachaiUK

If you didn’t know by now, Malachai are preparing to release their second album Return To The Ugly Side on 22nd February on Domino Records. The record has already been receiving some rave reviews on both sides of the Atlantic:

'Wistful singer Gee and subtle sampler Scott incorporate psychedelic electronica, sleepy funk, and clattering garage rock, crafting a surprisingly unified piece that drifts through your subconscious like a pleasantly odd dream.' - SPIN Magazine

'Fascinating second LP from the experimental duo. Lurching from inspired to confounding, but never boring.’ – Uncut 4*

Bristol duo mix up hugely potent psychedelic brew.’ – Q 4*

Pre-order Return To The Ugly Side

In case you missed it last week when Scott and Gee unveiled the dark and tripped out video for their new single Let ‘Em Fall, directed by David Corfield, here it is again: