Jon Hopkins | 11/12/09

Image: Jon Hopkins main photo for domino website

Jon Hopkins has just announced two London shows for the new year. He will perform on the 11th January 2010 at a Blank Canvas night at King’s Place and on the 23rd January at Shh! at Cecil Sharp House in Camden.

Jon Hopkins recent LP Insides and EP Seven Gulps Of Air (available on Double Six Records) demonstrate a huge range of powerful emotion and texture, all informed by great musical intelligence and electronic wizardry. Live, Jon takes things to the next level. His intense and schizophrenic performance can take you from the extremes of tender, acoustic piano to bassy, grimy techno. 

The 11th January sees Jon Hopkins performing live alongside the London Sinfonietta and Blank Canvas curators Will Dutta & Max De Wardener at a night where classical sounds meet contemporary and experimental art music. The show will take place at the stunning new performance space of King’s Place. Tickets cost £9.50 and are available from

On Saturday 23rd January, Jon will perform alongside David Thomas Broughton and Dan Michaelson as part of ‘Shh! An All Day Celebration of Quiet Music’. Set in the beautiful surroundings of Cecil Sharp House in Camden, North London, the event will be a chance for performers and audience alike to come together in quiet unison. Tickets are priced at £12.50 and are available from:

For a sneak preview of Jon’s live show, check the following link: