Bonnie 'Prince' Billy | 14/09/11

Image: Bonnie Price Quail & Dumplings

What strange crop doth the Indian summer season harvest? Behold - our soil births a living song or three! And not just any old living music, but Bonnie 'Prince' Billy meats, fresh, pink and raw, just how you likes 'em! These first golden(-pink) fruit(-meat)s are yours for the swiping: "Quail & Dumplings" a digital-only single! If you haven't guessed, it guess it up now - "Quail & Dumplings" is from that extremely forthcoming Wolfroy Goes to Town album, the new Bonnie 'Prince' Billy soiree that will be occuring on LP/CD/and digital of course. As a bonus, some type of Bon-roid additive cultivated 2 (that's right, two) non-LP tracks as a "b-side," woot! Quail & Dumplings is taken from the forthcoming Bonnie 'Prince' Billy album 'Wolfroy Goes To Town' which is released on Domino on October 31st


1. Quail & Dumplings
2. Black Ice Cream (non-album track)
3. E Iesu/Maka'i No (non-album track)

Available from: Domino Dig & iTunes