Malachai | 18/11/10

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Another west country classic is on the horizon as Bristolian duo Malachai gear up to release their second album 'Return To The Ugly Side' on 28th February 2011 through Domino’s imprint Double Six.

As the follow up to last years critically acclaimed debut, ‘Ugly Side of Love’, Malachai’s new record maintains Scott and Gee’s kaleidoscopic vision of 60s pop psych and hip hop fused into one magnificently chopped up sound, but filters things through a more mature mindset, resulting in something more cohesive, but no less inventive.

Ever present in their music is the influence of the town in which they reside; Bristol. Considering the wealth of creative genius that’s emerged out of Bristol (Massive Attack, Portishead, Tricky to name a few), you have to wonder what they might be putting in the water, something which has played on the mind of one half of Malachai, Scott, who can only suggest that it may “be down to B Boy principles, and attempting to be one step ahead of everyone else. People here pride themselves on their knowledge; they know a good thing when they hear it.”

Whatever the reasons, it’s been intrinsic in developing a sound that could easily be described as being something of a rare beast; grounded in real life and yet orbiting it’s own unique planet.

Preceding the album release will be the first single, ‘Let 'Em Fall’ which will be released as 21st February, but in the meantime as a taster of things to come, sign up below for a free download of album track, ‘Rainbows’ which features Katy Wainwright guesting on vocals.


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The album tracklisting is as follows:
Mid Antarctica (Wearin' Sandals)
In The Hole
My) Ambulance
The Don't Just
How You Write
Let 'Em Fall
No More Rain No Maureen
Snake Eyes