Various Artists | 20/08/08

Image: dreams come true


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“It’s party time tonight” Class Action - 'Weekend'

Renowned writer and cultural historian (and hay-day Hacienda DJ), Jon Savage has turned his acutely discerning ears into the febrile rhythms, low end frequencies and street level sense of fun rippling through early eighties electro - Dreams Come True - out on 20th October.

Jon Savage has basically been there, done it and wrote the book on pretty much every key musical event over the last 30 years and now compiled a very personal and definitive compilation of seminal 12” mixes and vocal cuts of some of Electro’s most hedonistic and breathless tracks between 1982 and 1987.

Filtering European futurism (Kraftwerk, Georgio Moroder) with the Bronx awareness of Afrikaa Bambaata Djs like Arthur Baker, Jellybean, Larry Levan, Francois K and John Robie ran a late adolescent rush through the circuit board to produce these spare, insistent turned-on tracks.

Dreams Come True is the sound of an urban utopia high on possibilities and extremely horny. Next time you’re thinking of going out start by putting on this CD. Luxuriate in the directness and heat of these tracks and wonder what might lie ahead.

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