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Domino Recording Co. is seeking a skilled individual for the full-time role of Digital Operations Assistant in their London office.

This position will oversee the management and generation of creative digital assets for the label under the direction of the Head of Digital with a specific focus on the label's video catalogue, label and artist apps, image and data assets.

Activities Include:
•    Creating and managing the video release schedule across the label and receiving, preparing and distributing video to all our content partners across the world
•    Management of partner CMS such as Youtube- including claiming content, creating ownership policies and reporting via Insights
•    Identifying new avenues video distribution and revenue streams
•    Driving the development of original creative content and solutions within the label to enhance, monetise and exploit our video content
•    Assisting the label with sympathetic and confident design and assembly of advertising and promotional graphical assets for the web from pre-existing components.
•    Participating in, managing, and working through front-end web and graphical projects for the label
•    A diligent, data-driven sensibility to assist with management and maintenance of audio and data in label and artist mobile and web applications

The successful candidate will be required to have an existing knowledge of video formats, production and transcoding, as well as a basic knowledge of HTML, and a comfortable grasp of Photoshop. These skills must be at a level where they can be applied to take responsibility for the process and reliably meet deadlines.

Applications for this position have now closed.