James Yorkston | 25/10/10

Image: Copyright 2004 Sean Dooley

To the outside looking in, touring may appear to be one big party; a chance to travel the world, experience amazing sights, and perform in front of adoring fans night after night. For most musicians though, the reality is far less glamorous, just ask one of Domino’s most esteemed artists, James Yorkston, who maps out the realities of life on the road as a series of evolving tour diaries in his first book 'It’s Lovely To Be Here – The Touring Diaries Of A Scottish Gent', which will be published on 3rd February 2011.

As well as being the Scottish gent’s literary debut, it’s also the first publication from The Domino Press, the new publishing imprint from Domino Records, which we’re obviously more than a little excited to announce.

On his literary debut, James draws on his talents as a highly romantic, self-deprecating and conversational songwriter with a gift for storytelling, to make the transition from stage to page seem effortless. Amusing, charming, occasionally tinged with melancholy, and often soaked in whisky, ‘It’s Lovely To Be Here’ is a compelling antidote to the celebrity memoir, which never shies away from the realities of a life on the road; often incomprehensibly mundane, sometimes wonderfully bizarre, always surprising.

James Yorkston will undertake a full live tour of ‘It’s Lovely To Be Here’ accompanied by readings from the diaries themselves, so keep your eyes peeled for those.

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