About Group | 26/01/11

With the release of ‘You’re No Good’ on 14th March 2011, the first single from their forthcoming second album, About Group have really thrown down the gauntlet in terms of ambition by re-envisioning a landmark track by avant garde legend Terry Riley, which suggests to us About Group are unafraid of a challenge

In 1967 Terry Riley created ‘You’re No Good’ by taking Harvey Averne’s latin tinged soul song of the same name as his starting point, transforming it into a free flowing piece of tape loop improvisation by running two copies of the track alongside one another, weaving between the tapes, dropping out and slowing down, practically dismantling the entire thing from scratch. Some might say it was the world’s first ever remix, another feather to add to the esteemed minimal composer’s cap.

Whereas Riley’s experiment was clearly a meticulously labored over affair, About Group reinterpret ‘You’re No Good’ in real time, playing a live version in the studio, deconstructing the song down to it’s bare bones, before building up to create a loose kind of pop improv. What they ended up with is an eleven minute space jam that combines Riley’s ambitious experimentation with the street level funkiness of Harvey Averne’s original, whilst carving out a sound of their own.

About Group are comprised of esteemed musicians Charles Hayward (This Heat, Camberwell Now, Monkey Puzzle Trio, Clear Frame), John Coxon (Spring Heel Jack, Spiritualized), Pat Thomas (player with Derek Bailey, Tony Oxley, Jimmy Carl Black and Eugene Chadbourne amongst countless others) and Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip).

'You’re No Good' is released on 14th March on 12” vinyl (RUG379) and via digital download (RUG379D). The single is backed with an exclusive version of album track ‘Rough And Smooth’.

Watch About Group performing ‘You’re No Good’: