The Triffids | 29/09/15

Image: Sandy Born Devotional Deluxe

Available on vinyl for the first time since 1986; ‘Born Sandy Devotional’ by The Triffids! The beautifully remastered LP comes in custom, hand-numbered limited sleeves (250 only). Also includes lyric sheet, printed inner sleeve and download code and pressed onto 180gm heavyweight virgin vinyl.

Remastered following David McCombs’ original production notes (Audiophile Quality), this is the best this record has ever sounded. Below is a bit of insight into the process of the remastering:

When undertaking the re-issue of “Born Sandy Devotional” for vinyl, we thought long and hard about the best way to master it. This was an analogue (solid state) recorded album, tracked to 2” tape and cut from either ½” or ¼” reels. However, when re-mastered for CD back in 2006, the tracks were transferred to digital to allow the use of more modern and sophisticated eqs (parametric eq, limiting etc).
We could have returned to the original cutting tapes, but we were so impressed with the digital audio, captured at 24 bit / 96K resolution, that we felt these files should be used for the LP instead.
It was at this point that we decided to transfer the music back on to ¼” tape to add a little warmth and sparkle to the upper mids and high frequencies. More specifically at Gearbox studios on a Studer C37 – one of the finest tape transports ever built. Yes, it is a valve/tube machine, but it has been serviced to better than factory specifications, and the tiny amounts of “noise” added to the program are far outweighed by the sonic benefits of going back on tape.

Once these cutting tapes were created, the production masters were made by Darrel Scheinman using a fully analogue signal path (see the Gearbox website for more info: - a Scully/Westrex lathe performing the final lacquer cutting duties. One other note here is that the record was cut fixed pitch - it would originally have been done “varigroove”, but the somewhat lost “art” of “fixed pitch” can yield better results if done with care and skill!
The initial test pressings weren’t quite what we were looking for, so after many adjustments, 3 recuts (!) and input from all sides, including the pressing plant, who became interested in the way we were working, test pressings were received which exceeded all expectations.

We hope you enjoy the results. A great record, treated in the way we feel best.

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