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Inji, released on 29th June 2015, is the debut solo album by Sam Dust, AKA LA PRIEST. Across its ten audaciously imaginative tracks, Inji reasserts Dust as a truly idiosyncratic voice in British music, applying the same frantically eclectic, mischievous and wilfully absurd spirit of his previous band, the beloved Late of the Pier, to ever more nuanced and affecting songwriting and composition. Listen to the single, “Party Zute / Learning To Love”, also released on June 29th 2015, now.

Recorded over a reclusive period spanning five years following the disbandment of Late of the Pier in which Dust travelled the world, did scientific research, worked on the creation of a number of new inventions and produced several secret musical projects, Inji is a record that has its own logic and exists in its own time zone.

From the obscene space-age stadium rock guitar solo of "Oino", the maddeningly catchy digi-dub single that Dust leaked sample-by-sample on a suitably enigmatic website at the turn of the year (watch the video HERE), to "Learning To Love", the record's gargantuan, eight minute long prog-house centrepiece and "Occasion", a melting martian Prince come-on, Inji confounds and delights in equal measure and at every turn. 

"Lady's In Trouble With The Law" boasts a lithe, sensual soul chorus about getting arrested that feels at once haunted and horny whilst the insectoid instrumental ambience of "Lorry Park", twists and turns and burrows into the brain as creepily as the most classic Aphex Twin material. Elsewhere, "Fabby", another instrumental, juxtaposes a gorgeous, cascading piano figure that'd make Benjamin Britten proud with percussion that sounds like the clashing of two swords and album closer, the bubbling, aquamarine ballad "Mountain" finds Dust contorting his voice into a stratospherically high, androgynous falsetto. 

Throughout all the songs there's a reliance on feeling and intimation as opposed to any one lyrical theme, and although the notion of love, its joys and trials, heaviness and absurdity, can often be glimpsed, it's in a non-linear way that recalls the disruptive, deliberately misleading pop of artists such as David Sylvian, Arthur Russell and David Byrne. So when Dust opines "was I born to love you?" on "Mountain", it's just as likely to be about the titular mountain, or his dog, or the entire world itself, or nothing at all as it is any real object of romantic affection.

If it doesn’t conform it’s because it’s not supposed to.

Inji will be available on CD (WIGCD344), LP with download code (WIGLP344), Deluxe LP with download code (WIGLP344x) & Digital (WIG344D) with an instant grat of ‘Oino’ and ‘Party Zute / Learning To Love’. Pre-order the album through Dom Mart HERE and through iTunes HERE.


Inji Tracklisting:


  1. Occasion  
  2. Lady's In Trouble With The Law  
  3. Gene Washes With New Arm  
  4. Oino  
  5. Party Zute / Learning To Love
  6. Lorry Park  
  7. Night Train  
  8. Fabby  
  9. A Good Sign  
  10. Mountain  

Following a sold out performance at Electrowerkz in London earlier this week, Sam Dust AKA LA PRIEST will be playing further live dates in the UK and Europe in the coming months including appearances at The Great Escape, Field Day and Iceland Airwaves. Full live dates are as follows:

Mon 04 May          UK           Manchester              Sounds from the Other City Festival at Islington Mill

Sat 09 May           France      Toulon                   MIDI Festival

Tue 12 May           France       Paris                    Le Carmen

Thu 14 May           UK           Brighton                The Great Escape at The Haunt      

Sat 06 Jun            UK           London                 Field Day                                              

Fri 03 Jul              NL           Amsterdam           Pitch Festival                                       

Thu13 Aug             Sweden    Gothenburg           Way Out West

Wed 04 Nov           Iceland     Reykjavik             Iceland Airwaves

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