Image: Ghetto blaster

Just some of the sounds swirling around Domino HQ this week:

Juana Molina – Un Dia
Darker, looser and more hypnotic than ever, we can't wait to see these songs live.

Plush – Fed (Broken Horse)

Finally! The worldwide release of this luscious, fully orchestrated, (proper) follow up to the skeleton classic More You Becomes You.
Currently doing a rare handful of solo shows in the UK, go see if you can, it'll make you very happy.

Marvin Gaye – Lets Get it On
Briggsy's original vinyl pressing arrived. Within the first grooves of its intro, the office was in drunken wedding rapture.

Rodriguez – Cold Fact (RCA)

Reissue of the forgotten classic, destined to be made famous in some future Wes Anderson film. Massive in South Africa apparently.

Air France - No Way Down EP (Sincerely Yours)

Sort of like the Avalanches of the Fjords...no, better.

Late Night Tales with Matt Helders from Arctic Monkeys
Not only the best drummer in town but a wicked rookie mix master to boot.

Stereolab - BBC Radio One Sessions recorded between 1991 and 2001 (Strange Fruit)
A favourite raison d'être for the ackwardly dancing

Colosseum – The Valentyne Suite (Sanctuary)
An obscure mile stone from when Jazz Rock ruled the earth.

Apples In Stereo – Two Tone Evolution (Elephant 6)

Basking in audio psychedelic sunshine

The Wackness Soundtrack (Jive Records)
Another attempt to rekindle hopes of an Indian summer with some classic early 90's hip-hop.

Some other things we've enjoyed this week:

Choke Trailer

An interview with Jeff Mangum of Neutral Milk Hotel with John Kennedy back in 98

Finally the legacy of Chris Needham gets its comeuppance

Ian Anderson/Jack Bruce/Fela Kuti: African Jam Session 1983